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  • Review File Reference Material
  • Vehicle Inspections
  • Analyze Vehicle Damage
  • Photograph Vehicles and Collision Scene
  • Scene Inspection and Diagram
  • Calculate Impact Speeds
  • Calculate Times and Distances
  • Calculate Changes in Velocity (Delta-V) and Forces
  • Prepare a Written Report Detaining Our Opinions
  • Review and Analyze Injuries to Complete a Full Biomechanical Analysis
  • Provide an Animation of the Collision.

Damage Analysis


•Vehicle Inspection
•Analyze Damage
•Measure and Photograph Vehicle and Damage
•CDR downloads when available

All vehicle inspections are preformed by D&S Investigations. The vehicle and damage are photographed in high resolution digital format. All Inspections include photographic evidence of measurements of the vehicle damage on a computer disk.

 Crash Data Recorder (CDR) downloaded when available and requested.


Scene Investigation

Inspect, Measure, and Photograph the Scene
Preparation of a Scale Diagram Suitable for Court Presentation
Preparation of an Animation Showing How the Collision Occurred.

The accident scene and surrounding area is inspected and analyzed, including speed postings, warning signs, traffic signals and phasing, roadway markings, various grades, and view obstructions.

The entire scene and its surrounding area is photographed from various locations and angles.

Traffic Collision Reconstruction
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